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Research template

With the research template we'll provide a guide for doing research in a more efficient way, by setting up a general structure for collecting and presenting data to avoid redundancies. The template is applicable for private & public companies, for students as well as for teachers. The purpose of the foundation research template is to optimise the techniques used to research and record the basic research required for an EC project and avoid duplication of effort between partners. Sharing the queries and contacts from each partner will allow the strongest response from each partner country and gain relevant replies in each partners area of expertise.

Areas covered include:

Best practice by partners

  • Where to look
  • Who to speak to
  • What questions to ask
  • Efficiently using IT to collaborate on research and record the methods used.

This document is split in to three parts:

  1. Summary of techniques: Techniques that can be used to research a project and the best methods of organising research. We have looked at research techniques from social science, marketing, engineering, web design and summarised the common methods from each system.
  2. Template for efficient research: A structured series of questions and suggestions for areas to consider when planning a research plan.
  3. Example Research templates: Completed research templates for each partner from the Houses project to show the benefits of a structured system.

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