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House record template

The House recording template defines what we need to measure, observe and record to get a clear picture of the house's history. We have looked at the information required by Government bodies in each of our partner countries and spoken to a wide variety of professionals to assemble a template that gives the best record of a house. While we would be delighted if we had a full written record for every house, we appreciate that this might be impossible, so please feel free to fill in as much as possible. Even a summary, single page record is better than no record for a house. 

It is split in to the following sections:

  • Information for house owners: A summary of what the projects goals are, answering the common queries from house owners and giving signed agreement to allow recording of the house.
  • Summary of the toolbox: Reminding you HOW to get the best results from your recording.
  • General description: Where the building is, what type of building is it and why is it important to record?
  • Social history: How has the building changed over time and what are the stories connected with it - who built it, was it a radical new design, did someone famous or notorious live there etc?
  • Layout: A summary of the number of rooms, what are they used for and how they've changed over time. There is space to record plans and sketches of rooms and important features.
  • Construction: How is the building built, details of doors, windows and other architectural features - feel free to add as much detail as you like.

Once you have completed the recording of the house, you can summarise your record online here and attach a scanned copy of your full record - so please remember to write clearly or type out the PDF file.

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