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Architectural Style Sash window It is composed of one or more sheets practicable by displacement in the vertical plane on rails or vertical... English
Architectural Style Semi-detached A house joined to another house on one side only by a common wall. English
Material Skylight A window in a roof to allow light. Open window in the ceiling or upper walls. English
Material Slate Slate is a metamorphic rock formed by homogeneous compaction of clays. It usually occurs in a dark blue... English
Material Steel Iron alloy or more carbon bond, which is more resistant than iron. Usually people call it slab iron. English
Material Stone Rocky fragment, form and extent of variables. Carved stone with any inscription or figure. Piece of stone... English
Stove Hole in households with a horizontal grille to hold the fire and a lower vent for the air entrance. English
Material Straw Straw is the dried stem of a grass. Once it is cut and discarded, after having separated the grain or seed by... English
Material Stucco The stucco is a paste composed of fine-grained lime (typically air fat lime), powdered marble, gypsum,... English


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