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Citoyenneté - Citizenry

cocoate - 2014, March 24 - 15:45

Dans ce projet il s’agit de la citoyenneté et le développement de la communauté. Au cours des dernières semaines, j’ai fait des recherches sur l'image de citoyenneté en France afin de mieux comprendre le cadre dans lequel les actions civiques ont lieu.
J'ai parlé avec beaucoup de gens sur les droits et devoirs civiques et cela a confirmé mon impression lors de l'écriture de ce projet: les gens ne voient pas beaucoup de possibilités pour changer la politique à grande échelle, comme la plupart des politiciens “vivent dans un autre monde", toutefois beaucoup de gens essaient encore de changer quelque chose au niveau local / régional. C’était surprenant pour moi de prendre note comment les actions civiques sont formalisées en France, presque tout se passe sous le toit des associations.

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Citoyenneté - Citizenry

cocoate - 2014, March 23 - 17:35

This project is about citizenry and community development and during the last weeks I was researching the image of citizenry in France to better understand the framework in which civic actions takes place.
I talked with a lot of people about civic rights and duties and got confirmed my impression when writing the project: people don't see much possibilities to change politics on a large scale as most of politicians "are living in another world" but many are still trying to change something on a local/regional level.

It was quite surprising for me to realize how formalized civic actions in France are, nearly everything happens under the roof of associations.

The most common understanding of a citizens' right is the right to vote. Today, citizens of about 36.000 communes in France elect new municipal councils (France has by far the most communes in Europe, Germany has about 12.000) and communes are still largely perceived as the base of local democracy and decision-making. Citizens, especially in rural areas, are very attached to their commune and they have always tended to care a great deal about local politics and local democracy.acitive citizenshipSection: european projects

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Consumption patterns

cocoate - 2014, February 6 - 21:03

Happy Home Wallet project aims to rediscover sustainable ways of living and to make it practically, we will deliver some workshops about a range of topics covering that aim.
In preparation for our international workshop in Ostrava about "Private consumption patterns and its impact on the local economy" we were researching about consumption patterns and we did a survey in our area to find out how "the average person" behaves.

To balance the family budget, it is probably necessary to rethink our consumption, minimize waste and reorganize our resources.

This turned out to be more complex than thought at the beginning, but very interesting ;-)Section: european projects

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